What We Do

We make the world better.


Our mission is to empower kids to become independent, creative, and conscientious citizens capable of thinking for themselves and collaborating with others to create a better world.

Our school honors freedom, promotes responsibility, and nurtures the well-being of each student and the community.  Students are supported and challenged to find meaning in their lives, adapt to the world as it is, and create the world in which they want to live.

We are committed to restorative justice, honesty, self-direction, and promoting and practicing values of life, liberty, and happiness.


Daily Life at VFS

Sharing space and materials, participating in meetings, practicing conflict resolution, and upholding our values are all essential components of self-directed education.

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Life After VFS

VFS graduates go to college, intern, find work, and move into the world firmly rooted in a place of personal power and knowledge.