Children deserve freedom.

We've pioneered an approach to education: a combination of Care, Freedom, and Democracy.



Care is at the core of everything we do. Through the process of teaching others how to take best care of us and learning how we can take care of others, we actively engage with our foundational belief that all people are worthy of love and respect. Care informs the choices made by members of our community to create a culture that supports a thriving learning environment and reflects the world we want to live in.


People deserve access to their freedom and to utilize their agency to explore the world at large.  Students at the Village Free School benefit from complete control over their educational interests and collaborate with highly-skilled staff who hold space, guide choices, and support personal growth.


Democracy provides every person a voice and choice in decision making, sometimes complicated and messy in execution. We grapple with the tension between considering your own personal interests and the good of the group. We embrace the challenges inherent in this process and use it as an opportunity to show care for each member and respect for all views.