Support the Revolution

We are a non-profit organization whose financial model is built on supporting diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity. Any donation you make, whether it be monetary, an item from our Wish List, or volunteering, allows for more scholarship funds for families in need.


Donate Money

Every dollar donated to VFS goes directly towards providing scholarships. Each year, this fund supports more than 30% of our families. To support our mission of making the world better and increasing access to our program, donate now.


VFS Wish List

Students and staff create a wishlist for the school. Some items have been on the Wish List for years, others are unique to students’ current interests and activities. To purchase an item on our Wish List, click the link below.

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Volunteer Your Time

Supporting a community comes in many forms: people donating their time and expertise are an important part of what makes the VFS world go round. If you would like to volunteer at our school, send us a note and we will be in touch.